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30th Anniversary Video


The Peachland Lions Club was chartered on February 20th, 1982, sponsored by the Summerland Lions Club. Since then, the Club has participated in a number of fund-raising projects all of which are experiences that Peachland members will treasure.


In the early years these activities started with cutting, splitting & delivering firewood. We also built & sold a house; with the profits we furnished the kitchen of the Community Centre.


The Peachland Lions maintain an active schedule of events in our community. We are very much a “Hands-On” club volunteering our time throughout the year.



Our annual golf tournament, World of Wheels, Canada Day and the Christmas Light up are just a few of the community events supported by the Peachland Lions.


We are always happy to have new members come out and join the crew. The Peachland Lions will afford you the opportunity to give back to the community and make new friends in the process. Aside from community involvement we are also a very socially active club.


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